Convert call in orders to online orders

online ordering promo card

Heartland Restaurant POS has released a library of marketing material.

After Heartland purchased and re branded Mobilebytes they’ve implemented  some great improvements. Recently they’ve released marketing collateral for end-users to promote their restaurants. Like many restaurants today you are probably taking orders over the phone. While that is awesome let’s face facts, it ties up staff.  However, we know most consumers today prefer to order online. Using Heartland’s complete iPad point of sale system you can kill two birds with one stone.

Flip phone orders to online orders with marketing and features.

Simple tools like promo cards direct guest to order online.  Therefore, Heartland makes a complete arsenal of material available for users. For instance, with every phone order insert a promo card with the order.  In addition, add posters and window clings promoting you offer online ordering. After that, guest will begin using the online ordering site included with Heartland POS.

Why is it important to flip phone orders online?

Simply put, your servers can only take one order at a time. However, your online ordering site is designed to handle large amounts consecutively. In other words,  your server will be greeting guest instead of being on a phone when they come in. As a result you can accept more online orders with the same amount of labor.  In addition you will likely increase your customer base because you can engage effectively. Above all, making your business easy to order from is what people want.

Can you afford this TECHNOLOGY?

The better question is can you afford to not have this technology in your business? To sum it all up, not having the ability to flip phone orders to online orders will cost you customers. That is to say, you have to engage your guest because your competition is. Our system combined with marketing material is a cost effective way to accomplish this. Call us today at 800-863-2274 to find out more. Of course we can be found online ourselves at Seattle Tacoma Heartland POS dealer.

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