Is Restaurant Technology a magnet for customers?

restaurant technology

Your guest have restaurant technology expectations, do you?

In our modern connected world, your guest expect you to have restaurant technology they can engage with. This expectation starts with a great website and updated social media but don’t make the mistake it ends there.

Today’s modern guest are already engaging your business before they even arrive. Are you ready to engage with them? When they walk in can you add them to an integrated wait list alerting them by text their table is ready? Can they join your  loyalty program? When they are ready to leave can they pay the check from their phone? If your answer is no to any of those questions you need to update your POS system.

Your competition is engaging with your guest already. Keep them with unrivaled restaurant technology.

Your guest are being exposed to marketing images from local restaurants everywhere they turn.  One way to gain an upper hand is offering incentives to guest that already like your restaurant. We all know it is more cost effective to market to existing guest so start there. You restaurant technology should include customer loyalty, build value and brand awareness. Follow that up with online ordering to ensure they can order from you when they are getting take out. Don’t forget to offer in house dining features too like allowing them to pay the check with their phone. 

Utilize the technology your guest are already using, their phone.

Your guest are already using the ultimate marketing tool, their cell phone. Your POS system should make it easy to engage guest with what they already have. Heartland Restaurant POS does that with our engagement application. We make it easy for your customers to stay plugged into you with nothing but their phone. With their phone they can be texted when their table is ready, order online, receive a text when their take out is ready, track and manage loyalty points and even pay their guest check.  Find out more about how we can help your compete in the Seattle Tacoma area. We are the local Seattle Heartland POS dealer. Contact us at 800-863-2274







Heartland Restaurant POS with online ordering available in Seattle

heartland pos with online ordering

We’ve all gone to the  popular neighborhood restaurant to pick up take out right?  Ever notice the staff are on the phone taking orders, while trying to help dine in and pick up orders too?  Let’s be honest, that’s a great problem to have! Now let’s look at how we can make you more efficient with a complete tablet POS system. A great system incorporates all of your ordering methods while reducing labor cost.  That system is known as Heartland Restaurant POS.

Your local Seattle Heartland Restaurant POS Dealer can have your POS and online ordering up and running quickly from one database. This empowers your guest to order online from a desktop or their mobile phone. Now orders will just print in the kitchen already paid for! Your staff did not have to take the order over the phone tying them up from serving guest.

Another great aspect of online ordering is the guest have pre-paid for their purchase before it prints in your kitchen. This is so important because now you won’t get stiffed for orders never picked up.

Heartland Restaurant POS also features self serve Kiosk giving you another tool to engage customers in a way the reduces labor! Learn more about Heartland POS in the Seattle Tacoma area by calling National Business Systems. We are the local Heartland POS Dealer for Seattle and Tacoma at 253-839-9636 or of course find us online at iPad Restaurant POS system.

There are many more features to explore about this amazing system so be sure to check out some of our other articles. One very popular topic is how to connect your POS system with GrubHub and DoorDash which is easier than you might think!

Dinerware Upgrade

Dinerware Upgrade

It’s time to upgrade Dinerware to the newest Heartland software. The new product is called Heartland Restaurant Point of Sale (HRPOS). If you liked Dinerware you’re going to love HRPOS. New features include built in On-Line ordering, Skip the line, scan to pay and so much more. Did we mention the fact that it uses iPads instead of the clunky old all-in-one terminals.

Upgrade now with your local Seattle Heartland Dealer National Business Systems and get ahead of the curve. Call us today to schedule a demonstration at 253-839-9636