Heartland Restaurant POS and COMO create a powerful combination

Heartland Restaurant POS and COMO

World class Loyalty Program now is a seamless part of Heartland Restaurant POS

Heartland POS and COMO have combined to create a seamless solution with data-driven tools that work together to give you enterprise level actionable data, advanced loyalty and a promotion engine. Normally this type of technology was only available for the big boys, well not any more.  Now you will be able to create a loyalty database that allows you to meet your customers where they are. As an example fans of your restaurant will be able to become loyalty members directly from social media. You will now have a large database of your customers to target for increased visits and sales.

Digital Punch Cards and Rewards keep customers coming back

With Heartland and Como you will be able to run loyalty programs like a Digital Punch Card,  Cash Back Wallet, or a Points Shop among other promotions, see below.

COMO and Heartland POS allow you to offer your customers a subscription program.

I’m sure you have read all about the very profitable subscription programs national restaurant chains like Panera and others are running. Well now, you can offer your clients a subscription program too and keep them coming back while building a recurring revenue stream!

Get in the game with COMO and Heartland

To find out more about how Heartland and Como can power your restaurant into new sales call us at 800-863-2274 and ask for Rand or email at rand@nbsystems.com or visit your Seattle Heartland Dealer

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