Heartland Restaurant POS and COMO create a powerful combination

Heartland Restaurant POS and COMO

World class Loyalty Program now is a seamless part of Heartland Restaurant POS

Heartland POS and COMO have combined to create a seamless solution with data-driven tools that work together to give you enterprise level actionable data, advanced loyalty and a promotion engine. Normally this type of technology was only available for the big boys, well not any more.  Now you will be able to create a loyalty database that allows you to meet your customers where they are. As an example fans of your restaurant will be able to become loyalty members directly from social media. You will now have a large database of your customers to target for increased visits and sales.

Digital Punch Cards and Rewards keep customers coming back

With Heartland and Como you will be able to run loyalty programs like a Digital Punch Card,  Cash Back Wallet, or a Points Shop among other promotions, see below.

COMO and Heartland POS allow you to offer your customers a subscription program.

I’m sure you have read all about the very profitable subscription programs national restaurant chains like Panera and others are running. Well now, you can offer your clients a subscription program too and keep them coming back while building a recurring revenue stream!

Get in the game with COMO and Heartland

To find out more about how Heartland and Como can power your restaurant into new sales call us at 800-863-2274 and ask for Rand or email at rand@nbsystems.com or visit your Seattle Heartland Dealer

Say Hola to Heartland Restaurant POS system!

Heartland restaurant POS supports multiple languages

Now your system can speak the same language as you and your staff!

This feature has been requested for a very long time now and it has been delivered. Now you can assign which language you would like your system to display based on the server using the system. Some servers want to see Spanish and other English, no problem.   This gives the restaurateur more flexibility in hiring, which we all need right now.

Set up a self serve Kiosk in Spanish and English

Yes you read that correctly, while the Kiosk will have a default language it does allow the end-user (the guest) to select their preferred language.  Your POS system should make it easy for people to order and this is just one of the many way we accomplish that.

Bilingual POS will help with the current staffing crisis as well

Give us a call at 1-800-863-2274 or via email to set up a free no obligation online or onsite demonstration for our Bilingual Restaurant POS system. Find more information at https://www.nbsystems.com/heartland-restaurant-point-of-sale.html

Combine Scan to Order with Scan to Pay

Heartland Restaurant Scan to PayHeartland Restaurant POS Features like Scan to Order Combined with Scan to Pay Helps you Beats the Labor crunch

When you deploy Heartland Restaurant POS in your business you will have features like Scan to Order and Scan to Pay. Use these features to augment your servers. Your servers can handle more tables when you have these features helping them. This technology allows you to do more with less and keep guest placing orders.

Make Your Guest Experience even better when you value their time with Heartland Restaurant POS system

With Scan to Order and Scan to Pay guest are no longer waiting for an over burdened server. Now they can place their own order accurately and securely. Your server is not out of the loop, they can still access the guest check and place additional orders or print the guest check. Maybe the server started the guest check but the guest want another round, no problem they can reorder. This feature really makes your server a super server because it takes so much pressure off them while still producing at the same level. Another way Heartland Restaurant Point of Sale helps you improve the guest experience is by allowing them to pay their guest check off too. Yep that is right, when your guest is ready to go and the server is busy they don’t have to wait any longer. The guest scans a QR code on the guest check and can pay that guest check off including a tip. No more waiting for a server when they can take care of business themselves.

Heartland Restaurant POS includes a suite of features to increase sales

Today you have to meet customers where they are. Your have to make it easier for guest to do business with your restaurant. We do that with features that are built in like Online Ordering, Scan to Order, Scan to Pay. Call us to set up a no obligation demonstration online or in person. Reach us at 800-863-2274 or Heartland Restaurant POS Dealer.

How do I add Online Ordering for my Restaurant?

Adding online ordering to your restaurant

Many restaurants are struggling with adding Online Ordering to their restaurant.

It can be a daunting task for many of us to be task with setting up online ordering. Well, lucky for you it is not nearly as difficult as it sounds. It can actually be set up pretty quickly and cost effectively with the right system. The first step is to select a system that ties into your POS system so you have less overhead. A modern cloud based system has a huge head start compared to a legacy POS system.  Often it is simpler and more cost effective to start with a new system than retrofit an older system with online ordering..

Having Online ordering today is not a luxury it is a a must have.

With the pandemic raging all around us you need to give clients as many opportunities to order from you as possible.  A simple system to get your online ordering presence set up quickly with out breaking the bank is installing Heartland Restaurant Point of Sale. Powered by the cloud Heartland Restaurant POS quickly enables you to be online in a matter of hours not days and without all the complications of designing your own site from scratch. Because it is a cloud based solution your menu is already on the cloud and we flip a switch and in a matter of minutes Heartland has produced a website. Now all you have to do is get the word out.

You don’t have to be a webmaster to run your own online ordering site.

Because Heartland takes care of all the behind the scenes work of setting up the web address you don’t need to know anything about web hosting. You simply have a web portal to log into you account to manage items. Once published simply share the word with social media, signage, flyers in your to go orders etc. Soon orders will be pouring in. The greatest thing about these orders is they are commission free. Don’t lose sleep, give us a call and let us show you how simple and cost effective adding online ordering to your restaurant truly is. Call us at 800-863-2274 or visit us on the web at adding online ordering to my restaurant.