Are you ready to deliver Vegan and Vegetarian food?

vegan delivery on the rise

Delivery and Vegan Food are the fastest growing restaurant trends

According to Grubhub and Yelp vegan and vegetarian options are trending like never before. The fastest growing item overall was cauliflower crust pizza. According to the “Year in Food” report cauliflower popularity grew by 650%.  After several years of growth in meat alternatives can this really be called trendy any longer? I would suggest this is far from a trend. Americans are looking for comfort food without the animal protein.

Dine in, Delivery or in home Meal replacement that is the question

Whether you are catering to the meat alternative crowd or still serving meat and potatoes how and where are the next frontier. Diners are voting with their wallets and they are choosing in home meal replacement and delivery. Several restaurant publications have recently featured restaurants that have closed their dining rooms to expand delivery and take out ops. What this tells me is people want fresh not frozen and quality made meals. If it were just wanting to eat at home we would just nuke a frozen dinner right? Well, that ain’t happening.

Do you have to respond to trends in order to make it today?

Well that answer to that is above my pay grade. I do think if you are just starting in business and catering to younger diners you probably do. There is still room for the classic steak house and hopefully there always will be but the young guest are growing up in an alternative protein reality. The next generation will have never lived in a world where fast food did not offer a plant based alternative. At what point is it no longer an alternative? These same consumers will also grow up with every restaurant having online ordering and delivery options. So regardless of the concept you operate it may be time to dip your toe into the technology pool and see what happens. No need to do a cannon ball into the deep end, start slow with an iPad POS system and go with the flow. Let your guest tell you how they want to order and respond! While we can’t help you with plant based alternatives we can assist with the modern technology for your restaurant. Call us at 800-863-2274 or online at Restaurant POS including online ordering.

Get the right technology to compete by offering carryout menu online

increase carryout with online ordering

Restaurant Industry insiders increasingly report the real sales growth is coming from offering a digital carryout menu. What does that mean? Well it is a fancy way of saying you need to offer guest a way to order online. Therefore offer online ordering that is easy for guest to use and you to manage. Don’t get lulled into thinking delivery is the only way to go. The delivery services in the news today are doing a lot of business but at very high cost. No one is saying you need to stop using the delivery services either, just adding online carryout as well.

Are you saying to yourself, yes that a great idea but how do I do it. That is a great question of course. Let’s face it many legacy POS systems like Micros and Aloha either don’t have the feature or it is very expensive to add. You probably don’t have the time to educate yourself on websites and eCommerce since you are running a restaurant. When you select the right modern technology its already baked in the cake! You shouldn’t have to be a tech expert since you are already the hospitality pro. That is where ensuring your technology offers an  omnichannel approach really pays off.

Here at National Business Systems as the Seattle Heartland POS Dealer we specialize in offering a complete Cloud Based POS system to accommodate all the channels you may require. So let’s break that down a little and put it into plain language. You may be wondering what omnichannel or channel even means, right. Here is the technical meaning of Omnichannel  “different methods of shopping available to consumers” (e.g., online, in a physical store, or by phone). So to put it simply different ways for customers to buy your products. The “Channel” we are all used to of course is in person. Today’s competitive market does not allow most of us to rely on “in person” only any longer. Make an appointment with us today so we can offer you a no obligation demonstration of an iPad POS system with features for all your channels.

Heartland Restaurant POS Delivery Operations

Heartland Restaurant POS Delivery Dispatch

Did you know Heartland Restaurant POS includes a complete delivery suite too? We know it is popular to have your food delivered by DoorDash or Uber Eats; and maybe you participate in that. We have all read the news and know that meal delivery is booming like never before. This is why you should think about about operating your own delivery service too.  Don’t just rely on the food delivery services, how about running your own delivery as well. Flip those customers that use the big guys to you directly. How much are those mega companies charging you to deliver? Is there any profit left over for you?

With Heartland Restaurant Point of Sale managing your own delivery service, has never been easier to do.  Leveraging the Cloud and the powerful iPad we put the tools in your hands.  Our simple, yet extremely  powerful, features equip you to better manage delivery operations and communicate information to your drivers. Our Delivery Dispatch feature, allows you to drag and drop orders to assign to drivers. You can even dispatch delivery orders via text messaging, including turn-by-turn directions. You will have the ability to quickly add or remove delivery drivers, or view orders assigned to specific drivers, with ease.

The restaurant market is being driven into delivery and take out model. Everywhere we turn business is making it easier and easier for your customers to do business with them. This is why you need to engage your customers on all fronts. If you don’t participate in a delivery service of your own or maybe from Uber Eats as an example your customers will find someone that does. Therefore using Heartland Restaurant POS allows you to offer your own delivery and team up with the big delivery systems. Why not do it all, don’t limit yourself. Visit us online to find out more about Heartland Restaurant POS in the Seattle Tacoma area or call us at 253-839-9636

Heartland Restaurant POS with online ordering available in Seattle

heartland pos with online ordering

We’ve all gone to the  popular neighborhood restaurant to pick up take out right?  Ever notice the staff are on the phone taking orders, while trying to help dine in and pick up orders too?  Let’s be honest, that’s a great problem to have! Now let’s look at how we can make you more efficient with a complete tablet POS system. A great system incorporates all of your ordering methods while reducing labor cost.  That system is known as Heartland Restaurant POS.

Your local Seattle Heartland Restaurant POS Dealer can have your POS and online ordering up and running quickly from one database. This empowers your guest to order online from a desktop or their mobile phone. Now orders will just print in the kitchen already paid for! Your staff did not have to take the order over the phone tying them up from serving guest.

Another great aspect of online ordering is the guest have pre-paid for their purchase before it prints in your kitchen. This is so important because now you won’t get stiffed for orders never picked up.

Heartland Restaurant POS also features self serve Kiosk giving you another tool to engage customers in a way the reduces labor! Learn more about Heartland POS in the Seattle Tacoma area by calling National Business Systems. We are the local Heartland POS Dealer for Seattle and Tacoma at 253-839-9636 or of course find us online at iPad Restaurant POS system.

There are many more features to explore about this amazing system so be sure to check out some of our other articles. One very popular topic is how to connect your POS system with GrubHub and DoorDash which is easier than you might think!