The Heartland POS dealer in Yakima is an Industry Pro

Yakima Hops

Now you can get your Hops and Heartland POS in Yakima

Did you know that most of the world’s hops are grown in the Yakima Valley which is where you will find our office.  Our Central Washington office is operated by Gary Swart, a long time POS professional. Not only does Gary offer Heartland Restaurant POS but also Cash Register Express and SAM4s systems.

Yakima is the hub of Central Washington

Being located in Yakima allows us to serve the entire surrounding area. Other cites easily served from here are Ellensburg, Toppenish, Selah, Sunnyside and Zillah just to name a few. While not as populated as the Western side of the state Central Washington has a large population and a great diversity of jobs and education opportunities.  While agriculture is still king there are many other industries thriving such as Craft Breweries and Wineries.

POS systems and Support locally to your business.

Often it is key to have a good professional that is in your community. Sure anyone can overnight a device but can they come into your business and consult face to face. Would anyone else be part of your community and probably be one of your customers? Like they old saying goes Think Globally and Buy Locally for strong communities. So when you find yourself looking for a new system or perhaps you are building a new business contact Gary for your POS needs. We offer more than just one system so he can consult with you to determine which is better. Maybe a cash register is what you need or perhaps your requirements demand an iPad system that is cloud based. You will also find us to be credit card agnostic and won’t force you to use a specific card company. Feel free to contact us at 800-863-2274 or on the web at Heartland POS in Yakima for more information.