Are you ready to offer your Guest Digital Gift Cards?

Heartland Restaurant POS Digital Gift Card

Sell More Gift Cards in More Places when you offer Digital Gift Cards. With Heartland Restaurant point of sale you can offer your guest a flexible gifting solution.

Digital gift card (eGift Card) popularity continues to rise, with 87% claiming
to have purchased one recently.  You buy a digital gift card and it is emailed directly to the receipt.  You don’t have to rush around to fill last minute gift needs. Digital Gift Cards can be bought twenty four seven because the website never closes. You don’t even have to live in the city you are buying the gift in.

This is just another reason to take a look at Heartland Restaurant POS. Today it is all about staying engaged with your guest. Offering Digital Gift Cards allow you to do just that. Can your competitors do that? Probably not unless they are one of the National Chains. How many small mom and pop restaurants do you know that offer eGift cards? Not many unless they are already using Restaurant POS from Heartland. Contact your Heartland POS Dealer in Seattle for a no obligation demonstration.

If you are using a legacy system like Micros or Aloha it is time to invest in the future. Don’t spend another dollar keeping an old POS system alive when it needs to be replaced soon anyway. As credit card security becomes more important you need to switch to a system that is modern. Old legacy systems operating systems will soon become obsolete if they have not already done so. Using iPads the cost of a replacing a system with Heartland POS is much lower that you may think. Contact the local Heartland POS Dealer so you know what you are looking at. Adding Digital Gift Cards is just icing on the cake when you replace your old system with a modern tablet system.

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