Online ordering with order ready texting

heartland pos with online ordering

Offer your guest online ordering with texting alerts

So you’re probably asking yourself what is online ordering with order ready texting. Have you ever ordered a pizza from one of the huge chains and seen the order tracking status? It’s kind of cool where it shows you it’s in the oven, being boxed, etc etc. The Heartland Restaurant POS system does something even better than that. No we don’t have a cute graphic showing the progress of the order, our feature is much more useful. It’s our built in Online ordering with order ready texting.

Engage your guest by text when their order is ready

The Heartland Restaurant Kitchen Display system increases kitchen productivity. One of the best examples of this is when you ware offering online ordering for your guest. As soon as your guest places an order online it instantly appears of your kitchen video system. The order can print on traditional printers as well if you would like. Now just imagine when the guest’s order has been boxed you simply press an icon to send a text their order is ready. That is where Online ordering with order ready texting can set your restaurant apart from the rest.

Your guest will love the convenience of an order ready text

Put yourself in the shoes of your guest. You’ve just works a full day, you have errands to run plus picking up carryout on the way home. Imagine you have a choice of placing an order online from a mobile phone or desktop and the restaurant will text you when it’s ready. You’re now free to go about you other errands instead of waiting in the restaurant. Which restaurant are you going to choose? The restaurant that is engaging and makes the process easy or the one that you have to guess on when to stop by. The choice is simple, it’s the one that values their customers time and invest in modern time saving conveniences.  Contact you local Heartland POS Dealer today for a no obligation demo of their complete iPad system or simply call 800-863-2274

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