At last a POS with multiple language support

Heartland Restaurant POS

Have you ever wished your POS supported multiple languages? Being in this industry for a number of years it is a common request we get. Well no longer is this on your wish list, it’s a reality!

With Heartland Restaurant point of sale you can have multiple languages on your POS. Not only are we talking about the kitchen printing we mean for your guest too. How about on your online ordering, would that benefit from multiple languages? Regardless of where you use it, we can now give you what you have been wanting.

Using multiple languages in your kitchen can be a benefit and help with your hiring. Mo longer will you have to rely on a menu numbering system requiring contact training.

Think what your menu will look like in your native language and English. Could that bring in new guest that will appreciate your are engaging them directly? Not only do we think it will, we can help you make this happen.

This is now a reality because Heartland Restaurant Point of Sale uses modern technology like the iPad. Leveraging cloud based resources is the difference between a complete tablet system and a legacy one.  Which side do you want to be one? The side of new features that attract and retain new guest or patching up a legacy system? The answer is as plain as the node on your face, get modern and engage.

If you are in the Seattle Tacoma area National Business Systems, Inc. is your local Heartland POS dealer. Do you have a Dinerware system that needs an upgrade? Just give us a call, we can put you into a modern iPad pos system. The day that you could just rely on great food is over, you have to be engaging guest and staff too. Reach us at  253-89-9636 or of course find us online at POS that supports multiple languages.


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