Let’s talk about Free POS systems

Don't get burned by toast

I’m sure you have all seen the ads for free pos systems right? Maybe you have had a high pressure sales person call about their complete tablet POS system that they provide for free. I have often wondered how do business people fall for something that sounds to good to be true. We all know their is no such thing as a free lunch. You get a free lunch when the buyer of that lunch wants something else from you right.

So someone buying you lunch wants something in return from you. OK that on it’s own it not a horrible thing. But what if they were giving you a free lunch and locking you into a usury contract? What if they said enjoy your free lunch but if you leave us your going to pay for that free lunch times ten! Would you still consider that a deal?

Before you enter into any contracts take a look at this article from a neutral third party site Are Toast’s Early Termination Fees Usurious or Expected? After you read this get a hold of your local Heartland POS Dealer for a fair deal.

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