What makes the Heartland POS online ordering different from the rest?

heartland pos with online ordering

All POS and Online Ordering Systems are not created Equally

The reason the Heartland POS online ordering system is different from most is easy to point out. It is one system with omni channel ordering abilities. OK, so what is what you may be asking, how is that different? Great questions and the difference is in the fact we are not interfacing to a third party online ordering system. That’s right, with Heartland POS you have one system that is an omni channel solution. Using our online ordering system does not even require you to obtain a new web address or know anything about web hosting. You won’t even need a separate merchant services account for your online presence. Differences don’t stop there either, you also won’t be paying huge gateway processing fees most third parties require.

Having one system makes your job easier

Your job is easier maintaining one system instead of two. Don’t waste your time changing prices or menu items in two different systems. Heartland POS allows you to manage your online ordering and dine in POS in one place. Managing and growing a restaurant is already hard. Use technology like this to work for you not the other way around. Talking to restaurants that don’t offer direct online ordering we find they are too busy to figure it out. Cost and complexity scare many operators off. Using Heartland POS online ordering is simple and part of the POS.

Do you currently use Uber Eats or Door Dash?

We are know you can’t compete directly with the marketing power of the big tech food delivery systems. You can start marketing to those customers you offer online ordering for take out. Those customers already like your food so let them know they can order online directly too. Heartland POS also features a complete delivery system too but that is a topic for another day.

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