This is a complete tablet POS system from Heartland

Heartland POS Dealer

Let’s talk about what sets the Heartland Restaurant Point of sale system apart from the other cloud POS systems. We have already discussed the features of the system but don’t forget the biggest difference. This system is sold only by local authorized Heartland POS dealers. Why is that important to you? Having someone local will ensure your system is implemented correctly. It means you will have someone in your community that takes care of your system as well as the 24/7 support available from our help desk. Speaking of the help disk did you know our help desk is located in the United States? When you are dealing with a Heartland POS dealer you are working with someone that has years of experience installing and supporting restaurant POS systems.

For more information and to talk to someone in your area please visit our Heartland Restaurant POS page and request additional information or simple call 800-863-2274

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