Educate your staff for happy customers, technology can help

An educated staff can help ensure you have happy guest too

Nothing is more frustrating to a millennial than a server that doesn’t know the menu. Even worse is when they keep going back to the kitchen asking questions. Millennials have probably already done their research about your menu. It is not uncommon they know everything about your place before they come in for a visit. It looks really bad when they can stump your servers regarding questions about your menu. Holding meetings weekly about your menu and daily specials allow staff to entice customers with talk of noteworthy ingredients, food origins, new dishes, and exciting changes.

Technology helps your servers stay informed

In part two of our series about attracting and keeping millennials happy we looked at taking your loyalty and offers digital. In part three of the series we focus on an informed and responsive staff. There are several ways the right POS can help keep an informed staff. You hate it when you order an item only to have the server let you know the restaurant was out of that item. Your POS system should  have notified the server as soon as the order was placed avoiding this awkward and disappointing event. Servers should be able to refer to the system for all the choices required for a menu item. Use a long description a server can toggle to including pictures.  A well deployed system eliminates  awkward exchanges regarding menu items. Therefore combining technology with old fashion communication delivers a smooth customer experience.

The measure today is the guest experience from start to finish

In the old days guest may have tolerated aspects of the experience that were sub par if another part was stellar. Fast forward to today in the age of instant gratification and the margin of error is gone. Leave nothing to chance and get it right the first time. Use trained staff that know your products, empower them with technology for success. We can help you on the technology side of things. Contact us for a no obligation demonstration of restaurant technology that keeps your servers serving guest not looking for answers.

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