Five ways restaurant technology attracts and retains millennial customers

Millennial Customers

Millennial customers expect restaurants to have modern technology

Part one of our this five part series looks at the target customer, the Millennial.  Can restaurant technology attract and retain millennial customers? This is the first generation who have had access to technology since day one. Therefore they use technology to accomplish everyday tasks.  Above all don’t let your restaurant get overlooked by not deploying technology that engages guest where they are. Whether they are sitting in your restaurant or in their office ordering carry out for the way home. Engage them with you technology or lose them to your competitors technology.

Flaunt your digital side.

Hopefully you’re already connected to social sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, if not get that done immediately.  Let guest know about your presence on social media with window clings and links to your social sites on your menu and website. Popular menu items on social media should be featured on digital menu boards and table tents. Inspire millennial guest to post their own food photos. Ensure you regularly interact with customers on social media with calls-to-action via all platforms.  Depending on your concept, consider creating  a social-media-worthy experience guests will want to share on social media. This experience could be an over the top drink or an eye popping presentation of a signature dish. Many of the different restaurant technology that attracts and retains millennial customers is free to you.

Use Technology in a holistic approach

There is so much technology out there today. Some is simple and free while others are complex and costly. Not all technology is for every business or consumer. Staying in your lane makes sense and maybe you need to determine what that means to you. The sooner you embrace the right technology approach the better. Of course, it is not just restaurant technology attracts and retains millennial customers it should be part of your strategy. The next part of our series will focus on front of the house technology.

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