Heartland Restaurant Point of Sale now interfaces with Checkmate for delivery services

Heartland interfaces with CheckMate

Which delivery service do you use, Uber eats, Grub Hub, Postmates or all of them? Now with Heartland Restaurant Point of Sale you can consolidate all you delivery services directly into your POS system. No more will you need different iPads for each delivery service just add Checkmate to your Heartland Restaurant POS system.

Checkmate works with some of the biggest names in the hospitality industry as well as in the delivery business. To find out more about them please visit them at Checkmate Delivery Platform Integration.

Please feel free to call National Business Systems, Inc. at 253-839-9636 or visit us at for more information about the complete tablet POS system Heartland Restaurant Point of Sale in the Seattle Tacoma area, your authorized dealer.

See the Heartland Restaurant Point of Sale System for yourself in our Seattle Office

Heartland Restaurant Point of Sale demo in office

We now have the restaurant Point of Sale system from Heartland is our Seattle Area office. We can show you all the great features of this system like table side ordering, kitchen video, online ordering and more. We also have the iPad stands so you can really touch and feel what would be installed instead of just looking at pictures online.

Call us at 253-839-9636 or use the request a demo form on this blog. We can come to you if you are in the greater Seattle Tacoma area. Don’t buy from someone you have never met online. Come see the pros and see it before you buy it.

Complete Tablet POS system

Finally a restaurant POS system that does it all. The Heartland Restaurant Point of Sale does far more than anything else on the market. Taking advantage of the power of the cloud this system adds features you never even though of a few years ago.

In today’s ultra competitive restaurant industry the Heartland Restaurant Point of Sale system (HRPOS) empowers you with features that will keep your guest coming back time after time. I’m sure you are saying, sure they all say that, right. When we say it we mean it and can back it up.  Just look at these features and imagine how happy your guest will be to use them.

  • Scan to pay – This feature allows your guest to pay their check from their own smart phone. Yes, their own phone!  All the guest checks are printed with a QR code, your guest simply scan the code and pay off the check including the tip!
  • Skip the line – Your guest will love this feature when they are in a hurry for take out. Your guest can place their order on the smart phone and bypass the line. It is like having a self serve kiosk in their pocket.
  • Table Side Ordering – Because HRPOS uses the powerful and popular iPad your servers can take orders right at the table. Turn tables faster, higher average tickets and a better experience for your guest!
  • Online Ordering – All in the same system, no third party, no per order fee etc. One database to manage!
  • Delivery – Again all in one system. Stop paying those ridiculous fees from the third party services. Operate you own user friendly delivery program.

These are just a few of the features that set Heartland Restaurant Point of Sale apart from the pretender POS systems on the market. Call us today at 800-863-2274 to schedule your demonstration in person or on-line. More information on the Heartland Restaurant Point of Sale System here

Heartland restaurant point of sale system