Will a restaurant self serve kiosk be embraced by your guest?

restaurant self serve kiosk

Customers are using Kiosk like never before

Can a restaurant self serve kiosk impact you business in a positive way? Look at the news and you can’t help noticing today’s restaurants are facing labor woes.  Restaurant owners are being squeezed in all directions. The big chains are increasing pressure with new technology. You have competition in hiring staff like you’ve never seen before. Can you rely on the same tactics you used ten years a go? You have to face facts that we all do business differently than we did ten years a go. Will you embrace those new models or fight a losing battle?

Your clients are just as busy as you, throw them a bone!

Looking around can you spot the trend in luring consumers to a business? All of us know it is convenience that is driving today’s customer. What happens when your semi regular customer is thinking about a take out order on the way home. They are sitting in horrible traffic, do you think they want to come wait in long lines too for their carry out? Of course they don’t and they won’t. If you don’t make it easy for them someone else is. Time saving restaurant technology is now affordable right where you are for anyone.  A now proven technology like a restaurant self serve kiosk will help you turn the tide and lure return guest. Make it just one of the tools in your customer engaging solution and add other features too like online ordering for carry out.

You can afford the technology today your dreamed of yesterday

Leveraging Cloud Technology and cost effective iPads have lead to affordable omni-channel solutions. A robust system is now available right here in the Seattle Tacoma area. Heartland Restaurant POS is a feature rich system offering everything a small business owner needs. Features like POS, Online Ordering, Customer Loyalty, restaurant self serve kiosk and more.  Don’t wait any longer, call 800-863-2274 to schedule a demonstration, your competition is!

Ipad POS or proprietary tablet?


restaurant pos system

Do you want a multi use iPad or a throwaway locked down tablet.

Thinking about the future would you rather have an iPad POS or use a tablet that has no other purpose?  You probably have not thought about this yet, have you? Most of the popular tablet POS systems on the market use hardware that can’t be re-used. Therefore, don’t waste your money on proprietary hardware with no other purpose. Systems like Clover and Toast both use custom tablets that can’t be used for anything else, ever. That really is not cutting edge, that’s more old school thinking. Because of that what happens when you need new hardware? Can you order a new Toast terminal up on Amazon from a variety of sellers? Of course you can’t, they have you trapped in hardware you may not want or need in a few years. Toast and Clover equipment is pretty expensive for something unusable elsewhere.

iPads can be re-purposed and are very affordable

Using an iPad POS system you have the flexibility of an open market iconic piece of equipment. You maybe asking what is flexible about that, right?  Well for starters it can be re-purposed when you are done with it.  You can purchase them worldwide. Your staff will already know how to use them and much more. They are so inexpensive you might even keep an extra for peak times in your restaurant. Even in five years when there are next generations available, old iPads will still have a function elsewhere. You could even donate them when you no longer need them.

Bottom line is don’t paint yourself into a corner.

An iPad POS system does not trap you into things. Proprietary tablets like Clover and Toast among others do. With both Toast and Clover you have to use a specific processor, with Heartland’s iPad POS you don’t. For more information about the freedom a complete iPad POS system affords you call us at 800-863-2274

Convert call in orders to online orders

online ordering promo card

Heartland Restaurant POS has released a library of marketing material.

After Heartland purchased and re branded Mobilebytes they’ve implemented  some great improvements. Recently they’ve released marketing collateral for end-users to promote their restaurants. Like many restaurants today you are probably taking orders over the phone. While that is awesome let’s face facts, it ties up staff.  However, we know most consumers today prefer to order online. Using Heartland’s complete iPad point of sale system you can kill two birds with one stone.

Flip phone orders to online orders with marketing and features.

Simple tools like promo cards direct guest to order online.  Therefore, Heartland makes a complete arsenal of material available for users. For instance, with every phone order insert a promo card with the order.  In addition, add posters and window clings promoting you offer online ordering. After that, guest will begin using the online ordering site included with Heartland POS.

Why is it important to flip phone orders online?

Simply put, your servers can only take one order at a time. However, your online ordering site is designed to handle large amounts consecutively. In other words,  your server will be greeting guest instead of being on a phone when they come in. As a result you can accept more online orders with the same amount of labor.  In addition you will likely increase your customer base because you can engage effectively. Above all, making your business easy to order from is what people want.

Can you afford this TECHNOLOGY?

The better question is can you afford to not have this technology in your business? To sum it all up, not having the ability to flip phone orders to online orders will cost you customers. That is to say, you have to engage your guest because your competition is. Our system combined with marketing material is a cost effective way to accomplish this. Call us today at 800-863-2274 to find out more. Of course we can be found online ourselves at Seattle Tacoma Heartland POS dealer.

Heartland POS Online Ordering Table Tents now available

Heartland POS Online Ordering Table Tents

Heartland POS Online Ordering Table Tents allow you to market to you dine in guest.

You asked and we listened leading us to create customized marketing material. Now we can easily create Heartland POS Online Ordering table tents to let you guest know they can order from anywhere.  If you are already using this complete iPad POS system you are already aware that online ordering is included. These attractive marketing pieces are the perfect way to let you loyal guest know. Simply add you logo, URL and QR code and print, that’s all there is to it. Just like the  POS system the marketing is smart phone ready too.

Table Tents work so get them working for you.

We have all been there right, we sit down at the table and grab the table tent to check it out. With this table tent you can add a QR code and make it very easy to send the guest to your site. Once they are there they can bookmark your online ordering site for future orders. Your guest already like your restaurant which is why they are there in the first place. Adding simple tools like a table tent is just another layer of engaging your guest. An engaged guest become repeat customers which is what we all want. The next time they are inclined to order out who do you think they will order from? Probably you since they have your online ordering site bookmarked already!

More marketing material will be released soon.

We have some other examples of ways to engage with your guest like window clings, posters and promo cards. Now all of these tools can be easily customized for your business. You can print many of these items on your own office color printer or use a local printer perhaps. Contact us to get your Heartland POS marketing material today.