Rental POS system or Ownership, which is better?

rental pos system

Will you go with a rental POS system or purchase your system?

The way we acquire, and use technology has changed dramatically in recently.  You no doubt are aware that most technology has moved or is moving to a rental model. This new paradigm has resulted in how restaurant owners are selecting new point of sale (POS) systems too.

There are many advantages of the new rental POS system model

The upside of getting your next system via a rental program is pretty good. With a rental you don’t have to pay for repairs or even upgrades. When Microsoft ends of life another operating system you would not have to expend resources upgrading.  Of course on the flip side if you own your own equipment you maybe able to get years of service without additional expense. Keeping in mind of course when it does need to be replaced it will be a large capital expense. In most rental POS systems the monthly payment includes current hardware forever meaning you never have to come up with the large amount every three to five years.  In the case of the Heartland Restaurant POS hardware  monthly program, when you renew the hardware is refreshed.

A monthly payment allows you to budget your cost, no surprises.

There is no doubt the industry is heading to a rental only model. Therefore you will gain the benefit of a fixed monthly cost. Should a piece of hardware break, you won’t get the bill. New software features come out, also done at no cost to you. This model allows you to know every month what your expenses are without surprise. Some businesses also benefit from the fact you can expense rental pos system payments rather than depreciate.

Protection from Technology becoming out of date.

The last decade witnessed many changes in integrated credit card security causing disruptions in POS systems. In many cases operators were forced into upgrades in the tens of thousands of dollars in unforeseen upgrades. With the Heartland hardware rental program if any of your equipment is no longer up to security standards it’s Heartland’s responsibility to upgrade your rental system.  Contact uis today at 800-863-2274 and we can consult with you the pros and cons of a rental POS system.

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