Heartland Restaurant POS Loyalty Program creates loyal customers

Heartland Restaurant POS Loyalty Program

A complete tablet system is more than point of sale. Using Heartland Restaurant POS Loyalty program takes your guest and turns them into loyal customers that keep coming back. As a small restaurateur you need to leverage cost effective technology to give your business an edge. Consumers have many dining choices today and great food and service alone may not bring them all back in. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying technology overcomes food and service, it does not. When you start with the basics of what makes a good restaurant you can stack on value added perks to take it to the next level.

One of those perks that add value is a loyalty program. Americans are spending more money on dining but that does not mean they don’t want a good deal. Don’t we all want to feel valued by the businesses we spend our money in?  Would you rather build value in repeat business or give away the farm with a tied old BOGO promotion? Sure a buy one get one may bring them in the door, once. Then those guest hunt down the next BOGO deal and you never see them again. Let’s focus on the gathers and not the hunters in this case. The gatherers are going to keep coming back collecting rewards for multiple visits. Using Heartland Restaurant POS Loyalty Program you keep them gathering at your place not someone else’s.

Can we agree that is cost less to keep a satisfied guest that it does to attract a new one? We all know it cost five to ten times the amount to bring people in than it does retaining customers. With the Heartland Restaurant POS Loyalty Program it is even less expensive because it is included in the cost. Our system is also not a one trick pony, we know we have to keep our customers coming back too. That is why we have built in so many guest engagement features into our system.  For more information contact your local Heartland POS Dealer in Seattle at 253-839-9636 or online at National Business Systems.


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